The other day, I did a Marie Kondo on my vanity table and have thrown a lot of unused and almost finished makeup and skincare. To my horror, it was quite makeup clutter! I’ve never felt so much better  though after doing the decluttering and arranging. 90% of those were MAC lipsticks and I can’t believe I don’t rave so much about MAC on here , especially considering that I used to work for them before and also been using MAC all my Life.  

Over the years I have tried a LOT of different brands, I’m a makeup artist after all but MAC will always (and still) hold a special place in my heart. It’s one of the first brand of cosmetics I’ve ever tried in my early makeup days. One of the first items I owned from MAC were lipsticks. I mean every girl loves lipsticks. If you want a look that packs a punch or just simply a pick me up item, it would be a lipstick. We kiss with them, we sip with them, we angle them with finesse to create coy little smiles -- they're one of the sexiest parts of the body, and paired with the right gloss, balm, stick or stain, can make an onlooker weak at the knees.

We want it all when it comes to beauty products for the lips: colour, shine, staying power, plumpness and an affordable price. The good news is we can have it all. There are a ton of lip products out there, but there's nothing classier or more seductive than the market's best lipsticks, especially those bullet shaped tube ones from MAC. So I thought rounding up my most used ones and share them to you. 

The MAC lipstick counter can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t speak MAC. I remember the first few weeks I was working at my lovely MAC store in Spitalfields , each of us were assigned to clean and arrange a section at the end of the day. And yes you got it right, I was assigned at the lipstick section. I love being assigned there as I can master and memorise the finishes and just be really familiar with all the shades. It was overwhelming at first coz so many precioussss haha but I was enjoying it at the same time! To those who aren’t so familiar or just a quick crash course really about MAC lipsticks— these are the most popular finishes/textures that make up their standard lipstick : Amplified (cream finish), Amplified Creme, Cremesheen (high-shine finish), Cremesheen Pearl, Frost (frost finish), Glaze (light pearl shiny finish), Lustre (semi-gloss finish), Satin (semi-matte finish), Matte ( creamy rich formula but with a no shine matte finish)  and Retro Matte ( intense colour payoff with a completely matte finish).

L to R: Cyber, Sin, Ruby Woo, Heroine and Smoked Purple

So let’s get to my most used MAC lipsticks shall we…

The classic red lipstick is a necessity in every woman’s makeup stash. Since it can be hard to find          that perfect red, look no further than Ruby Woo! One of the best MAC lipstick shades, it can be worn all year round and with every ensemble. A red lipstick can be the finishing touch to a little black dress or with just a dramatic cat eye for a fresh but modern look. This lipstick tends to be on the dryer side so don’t ever forget to exfoliate zee lips then prep your lips with lip conditioner before applying.

For a definitive fall look, Cyber is a deep dark wine colour with red undertones, similar to a perfect plum. Sultry and edgy, this shade can give you a completely different look without being too dark and scary. Cyber is good alternative to a red, if you want something a little more dramatic but different.

MAC SIN £15.50 (MATTE)

Sin, another deep burgundy shade like Diva (which is also a favourite of mine), is even darker and has a brown undertone. It is described as a “deep dark blue red [with a Matte finish].” It’s a dark, burgundy-red with subtle cool, fuchsia-ish undertones with a matte finish. It had mostly opaque colour payoff, though it is buildable to fully opaque colour. Diva is definitely more red toned compared to Sin. Basically, Sin is more vampy. Sin also has a matte formula, but it is slightly drier. It still glides on nicely without dragging or pulling on the lips, and it isn’t overly drying, but because it has a drier consistency it can apply slightly patchy at times, especially if your lips are dry. Unlike Diva, this will emphasise any dryness on your lips so making sure your lips are exfoliated and moisturised is a must.

This sultry smoked purple matte finish shade is just perfect for the autumn season (though I seem to wear it EVERY season). A colour so deep and dark, it is sure to make heads turn. It glides on the lips smoothly, imparting a rich, opaque colour. Complement this colour by keeping the skin clean and fresh and wearing tons of mascara on the eyes.

At first look, MAC's Heroine matte purple lipstick  can seem intimidating to some. While most of us have experimented with bright reds , glossy pinks and nudes, bold purple can seem like a difficult colour to pull off. But stunning celebrities, musicians Like Beyonce, Riri, Lorde and Rooney Mara prove that it's certainly a wearable, red-carpet-ready shade. To me purple is a universally flattering shade for all skin tones. A lipstick this vibrant basically speaks for itself, so I'd keep the rest of my makeup simple: loads of mascara, some liner between my upper lashes, and a quick swipe of bronzer. I loved that a thin layer made it look like a vibrant pink shade on my lips, but with more application, it came out more saturated. You can swipe this on over lip balm on your lips for a toned-down version, and you can go for the amped-up shade to head somewhere after work. All you really need is a little eyeliner and loads of mascara, so your lips stand out!

L to R: Viva Glam II, Whirl, Stone, Velvet Teddy and Rebel

MAC's another classic shade after red would have to be nude. MAC Viva Glam II is a universal nude that translates differently on every skin tone, making it your very own shade! This lipstick was actually designed actually by KD Lang, a Canadian singer and songwriter. MAC describes this colour as a pinked mauve/muted pink-beige with shimmer. Definitely a brownish/pinkish mauve colour, similar to Faux, yet not as purple. It has a cool tone and the pigmentation is on point as always. It has a satin finish and just a slight shimmer to it. It’s very creamy, so it won’t dry your lips out. I love a good combo so I do love to pair this shade with the whirl, soar, stone or even the nightmoth lipliner. To make this lipstick even better, MAC donates 100% of the purchases from their Viva Glam line to the MAC AIDS Fund. So how cool is it that you’re not only buying a lipstick, you’re also doing something for the community? Yep, totally!

Rebel is a lipstick that looks great on almost any skin tone. It's a deep plum shade that can make a bold statement. It has a satin finish that looks beautiful and smooth on your lips. No need to worry about layering your lipstick because this colour only needs one coat to give you a look that you'll love to show off.

This one is a perfect nude brown that you can wear for any occasion. Velvet teddy is a matte finish lipstick that gives medium coverage.  It’s described as a “deep-tone beige [with a Matte finish].” It’s a muted, light-medium rosy beige with a hint of brown and warm undertones. It had a more satin finish–there’s a very subtle sheen to it for the first two hours of wear, before it wears to a more matte finish. It had nice colour payoff with a smooth, creamy texture that glided on evenly. Your lips will stay hydrated and the colour won’t feather or smudge, according to a user. You can wear it with a hint of blush for a natural daytime look or pair it up with smoky eyes for a fun night out. The colour lasts for approximately 4-5 hours.

This shade is no stranger to those who have been following the makeup trend sparked by Kylie Jenner, who lined her lips with Whirl (lip liner) and soar lipliner to achieve her signature pout. It used to be a lip liner-exclusive shade and I’m so glad it’s now made into a lipstick too! It’s  described as a "dirty rose [with a Matte finish]." It's a muted, medium-dark rosy brown with warm undertones and a matte finish. It had full colour coverage that applied evenly and smoothly. The texture was lightly creamy and didn’t tug or pull at the lips during application. This shade definitely takes me back to the 90's and I'm really glad everything I love from my favourite era is SO BACK. Freakin dam whirl. If I get a pound for doing a   "Kylie Jenner lip" on every customer or whenever someone has asked me for a "Kylie Jenner Lip" recommendation, I'd have enough money to take a trip to an exotic paradise back n forth. LEL. I do love it though every time a customer goes out the door really happy with her new lips (without the fillers of course). I mean what's not to love with this rosey tone? I love my really dark brown 90's lips but I think if you want to do the whole ’90s lip thing but aren’t ready to jump feet-first into brown or taupe territory, Whirl’s pinkish brown could be a lovely way to test the trendy water.

The shade itself is described as a ‘muted grayish taupe brown’ complete with a demi-matte finish. Depending on the lighting, the shade can appear more brown or grey, but always delivers a dose of edginess. The formula itself features a creamy consistency that is neither drying nor hydrating, but does impart a rich opaque swatch that rarely needs to be touched up. Paired with the matching Lip Pencil the colour lasted for roughly 4 hours before I needed to re-apply. Because a swipe of Stone delivers such a distinct look, I typically keep the rest of my makeup minimal, however a night out on the town can call for a smoky eye to accompany the brooding shade.

That's my top 10 most used MAC lipstick shades! It was hard to choose just 10 as there are so many lovely shades that I really love from MAC especially the limited ones. There are about 170 lipstick shades after all! Hundreds of hues and this iconic product (the mac lipstick) is what really made MAC so famous and loved by everyone!

So what are your favourite MAC lipsticks of all time?

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