"A pure rose, with velvety petals, firmly rooted in a deserted land. Both mysterious and bounteous, they are symbols of life and hope". This was Ben Gorham's vision as he created Rose Of No Man's Land, the newest fragrance as a tribute to the nurses of the Red Cross, true heroines of World War One. Their sombre story of selflessness and compassion is honoured by the perfumes sophisticated and elegant fragrance, a soothing balm that envelopes the skin and strengthens the backbone.

The simple scent has subtle hints of pink pepper and smooth, comforting amber notes, paying homage to the courageous nurses of yesterday by providing aid to today's humanitarians. Part of the profits raised by Rose Of No Man's Land will go to Doctors Without Borders, a charity supported by Freja Beha Erichsen, my favourite Danish supermodel, a natural beauty fronting the fragrance.


Rose of No Man's Land 50ml £88 is a uniquely beautiful and soothing rose scent presented for an especially worthy cause indeed. It is centered around the delicate petals of a Turkish rose, both strikingly lush and softly sweet. A radiant chord of raspberry gives the heart notes fruit-laden depth, while a papyrus wood base and white amber chord add an eternal and sophisticated aura, delivering, in total, a rosebud of immense purity. This fragrance combines the duality of earthiness with the sweetness of roses. The parfum opens with top notes of pink pepper and Turkish rose petals before unfolding into a heart of raspberry blossom and Turkish rose absolute and leaves a base of papyrus and white amber on the skin. The fragrance took me back to my happy childhood days, which is very comforting. The roses smell very pink, if you know what I mean: they're fresh and springtime-y rather than dramatic but also a very good fall fragrance . The pepper is also very much in evidence and is married very smoothly with the pink rose petals. This fragrance has above-average longevity and sillage. The far dry down is a soft, creamy rose note that keeps me reaching out for it everyday. I’ve got loads of compliments already when I’m using it. I have to get his other famous rose fragrance “ROSE NOIR” soon which I’ve heard is slightly very different to this one. Apparently It harkens back to a time when perfumes were haughty, bitchy, breathtaking: signaling authority and control and sex. Not today’s self-abasing, apologetic “office fragrances”, or “friendly” white laundry musks. YEP sold!

I’m a sucker for anything “rose” scents really and consider myself a lover of obscure and hard to find fragrances and this is one line I knew about but never really explored or ventured into not until two years ago. I think after “BAL D’AFRIQUE”, “BLANCHE “(he made this fragrance inspired by his girlfriend), “INFLORESCENCE” and “GYPSY WATER”, I got hooked. Now everyone I know loves Byredo. I love that the idea of the fragrance in terms of accessibility (men and women of all ages), in terms of aesthetics—creating something that is timeless. I just love the inspiring man behind the fragrance. So as opposed to working with fifty, seventy or eighty raw materials for a fragrance, he works with maybe five or ten beautiful raw materials . It’s either you’re going to like it or not. Simplifying terms (that focuses on quality) of creating a clear idea. With the packaging (LOVE), again very well thought and it definitely shows what the ethos is all about which is simplicity. It’s so refreshing to watch people who dare, do things like perfumes, very simple yet effective perfumes. Perfume isn’t just a pretty smell, it’s a manifesto. Spray it on in the morning, and it gives you your marching orders. Keep it all business and doesn’t f*ck about. It’s not all about smelling good or smelling fresh like other typical perfumes, It’s about smelling different. So here is a summary about Byredo and the founder:

BYREDO is a Stockholm based fragrance house founded in 2006 by Ben Gorham (pro basketball player now perfumer). Alongside world renowned perfumers Olivia Giacobetti and Jerome Epinette, BYREDO has developed a style of perfumery that reinforces an understated approach through simple compositions and the highest quality raw materials available.With a distinct focus on craft and quality, all products are manufactured in Sweden.
In contrast to Scandinavian aesthetics , BYREDO carries clear ethnic influences from Ben's Indian background which has given the brand a unique identity. The full range of eau de perfumes and room fragrances are available at BYREDO’s Stockholm store, set in a turn of the century building in the city's retail centre. The eau de perfumes and fragrances can also be found at select stockiest globally such as Barney's New York, Colette, Bon Marché and Liberty. When he founded Byredo, the idea was to “translate memories into smells,” he said. His first scents were Green (sage, orange and musk), recalling the way his father smelled, and Encens Chembur (temple incense, lemon, ginger), named after the place in India where his mother was born. Ben's story is inspirational. His products are aesthetically minimalistic and appealing to both men and women.

For each bottle of Rose of No Man's Land sold, Byredo pledges to contribute a portion of the sale to Doctors Without Borders. I got mine from Net-a-porter.

He also released last year hair perfumes! Byredo hair perfume is the best thing since real perfume. The three new members to the Byredo family well, not new—you'll recognise the scents Gypsy Water, Blanche, and Bal d'Afrique and they come in the nicest little cans that you ever did see. It was a hard one as the three are my most fave Byredo fragrances. I fell hard with Blanche and one of my first fragrances from the brand.

“People are more experimental today, applying fragrances in various forms. At BYREDO, our focus has been very much on the smells, we now want to focus on innovative ways to apply perfume.” – Ben Gorham

It comes in a can that’s not too big nor too heavy and it combines one of BYREDO’s signature scents with “a unique silicone and polymer formula to create a light, invisible veil designed to leave the hair nourished and luminous whilst divinely scented” – and that’s what it does. 

Byredo's Blanche hair perfume 75ml £37 is pure and simple in structure but extreme in character. Blanche is built around Ben Gorham’s perception of the colour white. For the first time he has made a perfume for a specific person, capturing her innocent and untainted side, with a scent almost transparent in nature. Blanche also represents an appreciation for classic beauty.    
Top: White rose, pink pepper, aldehyde
 Heart: Violet, neroli, peony
        Base: Blonde woods, sandalwood, musk

Spraying this on your hair (serves best when your locks are worn loose, activated by movement) in the morning truly will lift up your spirit and lighten your mood. Formula is weightless, you can’t feel it on your hair at all. I like that it’s the true scent containing nourishing particles for your hair without making it greasy or different in texture. Using the real deal on my hair can make it go dry or coarse (FYI normal perfume in hair is a no-no due to the [drying] alcohol content) and this hair perfume solves that issue like no other. Pop this purse-friendly beauty into your bag and spray it when you’re on-the-go.

Do you have any Byredo favourites? What are your go-to scents? Always on a look out for recommendations and new fragrances even though I have a very picky nose!

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