This post was originally meant to be posted back in the New Year and I don’t know why I never get to finish it! So yeah if you are still on track with your New Year resolutions why not include cutting off the people that had  weighed your 2015 down. In Life we all encounter all different types of people in this world: The good, the bad and the detrimental. But no matter how you look at it, at the end of the day, the only person you can rely is yourself. It actually does not even make sense to entertain the negative types of people in your life, chances are they are extremely unreliable.

You need to surround yourself with people who encourage you to grow and who will not be dead weight you have to carry around through life. Once you cut this type of negativity out of your life, you realise how well you can breathe again.

Those who are incapable themselves will try and cast their issues onto you. They look for any way to release the burden they have on their own lives and do so in a poor manner. You must not allow yourself to fall victim to these issues, as they will only take away from your life’s experiences. It is important to be nice to people, but you cannot do so at the expense of your own happiness.

In this edition, here’s a list of ten types of people you should REALLY let go and you need to be wary of in Life—you can thank me later.

*The Doubting & Negative Diva
Ever since you’ve made mention of your plans to either go back to school or put up your own business, all you’ve heard from this person is a gazillion reasons why you shouldn’t. Look, a word of caution never hurts anyone especially if it’s from someone who truly means well. If it’s all doubts though, know better and stay away. If this person was ever happy or in a good mood, chances are he or she was severely intoxicated. Negative Nancy is that person who literally has the mentality of that angry old neighbour who complains 24/7. These people never bring anything positive into conversation or any social gathering. They constantly complain about every little thing, yet cannot propose any better, alternate plan.

*The Midnight Booty Call
While I do not judge the act of hooking up per se, it might be best to rethink whether you are far better off without this person. Is being called up in the middle of the night for some quick rendezvous worth it or perhaps it’s time to see the light of day with someone who’s actually happy to take you out?

*The Two-Faced So Called Friend
Nobody wants a fake person, all the more a fake friend. If this person has a lot to say and can’t say it straight to your face, it’s not even worth your time or friendship.

*The Abusive Partner
If you’ve thought about leaving too many times but still couldn’t muster the courage to do so, maybe this coming year and its clean slate is a good push to just finally do it. You don’t have to wait for a year to end or a year to start, really. If it’s abusive and doesn’t make you a better person, get the hell out.

 *The Rumour Monger
Trust and honesty are becoming rare commodities these days. The last thing you want in your life is to have someone spreading hearsays and damaging whatnots about you or even other people.

 *The Weird Tinder Match
Or any weird guy from any of them online dating apps. Don’t get me wrong. Weird is good… to a certain extent. But if he sends unwanted photos on a regular or bugs you for anything you’re not comfortable with, you really don’t have to put up with that.

*The Taker
This person will take, take and take while bringing absolutely nothing of value to the relationship. It takes two sides to have a great friendship, so if you think you are the one doing all of the work, it may be time to reevaluate your situation. It can be exhausting, frustrating and just downright hurtful if you are always the one making the effort, but as soon as you need something, this person is nowhere in sight.

*The Manipulator
These people will do whatever they possibly can to get whatever they want out of any given situation. They have one      priority in life and that is themselves. Actively try to disengage yourself from their manipulation, as failing to do so will only fuel their fire. As soon as you stop responding, the better off you will be.

*The Unnecessary Person
Sounds a bit too generic but whether you notice or not, this person is in your life. He/she has a lot of unnecessary remarks and say about your life but doesn’t really do much to add value on your overall well-being. It may be wise to make space instead for people whom you can foster a two-way relationship with. 

*The Judge
This is perhaps one of the worst kinds of people you could ever surround yourself with. Instead of being free and comfortable to act like the real you, you need to monitor your behaviour, as this person is closely watching your every move. What kind of friend is this anyway if you cannot even be yourself around him or her? It is one thing to offer advice on certain behaviours, but it is quite another never to feel truly comfortable around your friend.

Nothing changes until we do; we cannot expect the situations around us to alter if our personal behaviours do not change. You must take responsibility for your demeanor and if it means distancing yourself from negative people, then so be it. You need to look out for yourself because when it comes down to it all, you only have yourself to blame for your failures and your triumphs.

 So have you cleared out these type of people in your Life? If not, you could always start now!

Love and Light,

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