"Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Unicorn Blood is a dark, rusty red that looks like it's straight from a unicorn's veins!"

 Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Blue Velvet was inspired by Bobby Vinton's classic hit song, "She wore blue velvet...." This vibrant royal blue is the perfect lipstick to make a statement!

"Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Redrum is the perfect red: this matte, cool toned red looks amazing on any skin tone."

JEFFREE STAR — an amazingly multi talented makeup artist, fashion designer, model and musician.  Is their even anything that he can’t do? Well he made his dream come true with his newish vegan cosmetics range! Created an empire out of nothing and have gotten no help from anyone. An inspiring individual who hopes to inspire others to do the same—cut out the middleman and just BE YOURSELF. Staying true to yourself always. That’s why I’m such a big fan. He created his own makeup line which was launched just last year and it’s just getting better and better!

The Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks are everywhere at the moment. The uber matte, pigmented range consists of a good range of wearable colours as well as some bright, in-your-face crazy colours  that surely makes a statement. I’ve managed to get some of my most fave colours from the range.  I’m hoping to complete and swatch the rest of the range soon! I must say it’s quite similar to Lime Crime’s Velvetines but formula is so much thicker yet so comfortable to wear, packaging is so much better in quality and chunky, price is cheaper too!

The outer packaging is simply gorgeous, it comes in a pretty little hot pink box with rosey, metallic stars logos on it. The actual product itself, is in a beautiful clear, acrylic container with a hot pink top and again his metallic gold star logos on it. Unlike most liquid tubes, this one is short and solid, which feels great to hold .The doe foot applicator has a hole in the middle which means that it can hold more product (not that it really needs to, it’s very pigmented). When I first tried it, I was already amazed at how true the colour is from in the bottle. The consistency feels like more water when put on and when it dries , feels like nothing but kept my lips feeling hydrated all day long. It definitely distributes the product perfectly, only had to dip it into the container once to get full pigmentation on both my top and bottom lips. I also didn’t even need any lipliner at all.

Longevity wise, this stuff is ridiculously long lasting. I wore this lipstick for hours and did not re-apply even once. You can lick your lips, drink water, eat (as long as it’s not anything too oily) and even kiss with this lipstick on. It pretty much gets stuck to your lips in the best way possible. I mean, by the end of my full, long day, it still had to be removed with waterproof makeup remover, and was only bleeding a tiny bit, unnoticeable to the untrained eye (tip : exfoliating your lips with a hot, damp cloth and then apply a lip balm. Then use a lip liner because this will help prevent the lipstick from feathering and give your lips a perfect outline). Of course, to maintain the perfect crisp lip line, after maybe 6 hours, I would have re-applied, but I just wanted to see how long the pigmentation and hydration lasted, and it definitely beat the test.

IMPORTANT: Definitely don’t  forget exfoliate and moisturise your lips before applying (and remember to blot off excess moisture). This product dries extremely matte and if you’ve ever seen someone’s dry cracked lips with matte lipstick on, I’m sure you know it’s not pretty. If you’re prone to cracked lips like I am, don’t fear! As long as you take the time to treat them before you apply, the product basically seals in the moisture and the lips feel hydrated throughout the entire day, no extra moisturiser needed.

These are cruelty free, paragon free, gluten free, vegan and highly coveted since they’re constantly sold out! He also just released his lip scrubs and can’t wait to try them out too! You can get these Jeffree Star Cosmetics in the UK from at a retail price for £14.00 each.

Have you tried these shades yet from Jeffree Star Cosmetics?

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