Hello Gorgeous! So this is the first time I’m going to talk about  “Male Grooming” (other than with the husband of course). I’ve always been fascinated by it, male grooming is a sophisticated, multibillion-dollar industry now compared to maybe like 15 years ago?! I am still not convinced that male skin is any different from women's. Skin is skin. Yes, hormones may make oiliness and spots more likely, and wrinkles slower to appear; shaving may cause increased sensitivity. But, in the end, it's just skin, with the same structure as my own: many men use products designed for women and there's no reason they shouldn't. You shouldn't be buying your skincare products based on gender – you need to buy skincare based on your skin type and conditions. Most gender specific products only differ by fragrance and packaging – the formulation is no different. (The only thing that could be a gender specific, is shaving cream/gel).  One of the biggest myth-conceptions about skincare routines is that men don’t need to use skincare products on a regular basis. Men, like all of us, need to protect their skin from sun-damage, dehydration, and ageing. The increase in men taking care of themselves has rocketed over the last couple of years. It’s become a staple for gents from all walks of life to have a healthy collection of cosmetics to keep them looking fresh, and long may this habit continue. Here are my husband’s go-to products for keeping him looking groomed and great.

So to start, Mr. James recommends these 3 basic, easy steps that will go a long way:


Don’t use a bar soap or hand soap. I mean who still uses body bar soaps for your face nowadays? Your skin on your face is UNIQUE and has different needs than the skin elsewhere on your body. Think PH balance, pores, oil glands etc. The wife has been doing the “double cleansing method” using an oil based cleanser first and then followed by a water based cleanser, she’s been trying to convert me. I’ve been just using Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energising Scrub £17.50 (A “refuelling facial buffer” that re-energises and smoothes skin) or Murdock’s Cleansing Facial Wash that balances my skin and avoids any dryness or oiliness.


It’s not rocket science. What happens to your skin when they go dry and untreated? It’s the same as your expensive, nice leather shoes, if untreated they crack and break down! Your face is definitely more important than your shoes so give them some love! I’ve been using Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energising Moisture Treatment for Men £21. This is perfect for my very dry, dehydrated skin. It’s non-greasy but moisturises the skin while controlling the shine. I apply liberally before sun exposure and as needed.

C) SPF PROTECTION DAILY ( A VERY important step that my wife has to remind me every single day) & EYE CREAM 

Besides applying a moisturiser that has SPF everyday like Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturiser SPF 30 £24.50 ( not only for the day at the beach or playing sports, UV rays are what’s most damaging to the skin!), I also apply a small amount of eye treatment with the fingertip along the orbital bone under the eye area then pat gently without pulling the skin. Thanks wifey for the tip!;D My favourite is Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Heavy Lifting Eye Repair £26.00. It’s a lifting, anti-wrinkle and dark circle reducing eye cream for men. Did you know? Men’s skin weakens and severely loses its firmness over time causing the first and most visible signs of waging to appear around the eye-area including deeper set crow’s feet, sagging under-eye bags and dark circles.


So before I give you back to Mr. James, let me share a little background. My husband has a full beard for about 3 years now. When he started working in London around 2013, we were looking for a proper barbershop that’s stylish, modern and specialises with trimming beards. And then I found MURDOCK LONDON, the flagship store in Covent Garden when we were shopping near there. Actually I’ve heard about it way back on Instagram as I followed Ricki Hall haha (yep long time fan here!) Anyway, my husband booked for an appointment -- Haircut and Full Beard reshape and all that jazz… The rest is history and he has been using their beard and hair styling products ever since. Mr James highly recommends the lovely barbershop. I was super impressed too! The service, as expected really, was top-notch. Luxury products used in the shampoo and a high quality cut. I was so impressed that for our 3rd wedding anniversary, gave him the ultimate package: The Murdock Luxury Full Service £120.00.  The ultimate grooming package indeed: A haircut, luxury wet shave, facial & shoe shine or manicure…It was amazing and he loved it! I was there and enjoyed watching it! haha! He will have to tell you about it on his next post! For me, I love the vibe— What you get is an environment for men wanting to release their dapper potential that is less sterile than a unisex salon but still uses highly skilled stylists to deliver the finest and latest haircuts. A stylish and welcoming haven for a modern gentleman to take the time to relax, have a beer or whisky and build a relationship with his barber! 


So here’s what Mr. James recommends in maintaining his beard and moustache:

“Our collections of shave, hair and beard essentials are focused on Brendan’s belief that ‘Success depends upon preparation.’ With the knowledge of our expert barbers, he has been able to create highly effective products that fulfil fundamental grooming needs and help men present themselves at their sharpest and smoothest. The nourishing, high performing quality of the Murdock ranges transform what can be otherwise tedious daily regimes into enjoyable experiences. So whether it’s our barbers’ favourite Sea Salt Spray, the luxurious lather of our Shave Cream or our GQ award-winning Beard Moisturiser, it’s all better living through grooming.”—-MURDOCK LONDON


Using a core of the finest natural ingredients, the Murdock London grooming collections are high quality and highly effective men’s essentials, developed and produced in the British Isles. From skincare to hair styling, beard to shave and cologne, each one encapsulates the heritage of Great British grooming with the style and character of a modern gentleman.

This is a collection of essential male grooming products which enable chaps to make themselves look and feel good at home. Made in Britain, the kit is housed in a luxurious branded wooden box, making an ideal Christmas/Bday  treat.

The Set Contains:

Winner of Best New Beard Care at the GQ Grooming Awards 2015, this lightweight moisturiser will nourish and hydrate your beard, delivering long-lasting comfort. The first product that was recommended to me when I first had my haircut at Murdock’s years ago was this Beard Moisturiser. My skin and beard loves this. Period. At first I thought it was quite pricey but a little goes a long way for this quality item. It penetrates the beard and absorbs easily to my skin, allows me to shape my beard. It minimises skin irritation and combats brittle hair, leaving it soft and healthy. The non-greasy cream quickly absorbs into skin to reduce redness and irritation by minimising brittle hair and preventing razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Enriched with Aloe Vera to lock in moisture, whilst eucalyptus and menthol refresh the hair and skin.

A must-have for the well-groomed gentleman. Made from natural beeswax, the unscented Moustache Wax enables you to style your facial hair easily. Delivers strong hold for long-lasting results and can be reworked as required.

Gently cleanses skin to remove excess oil, dirt and impurities to leave you feeling like a new man. Aloe Vera boosts cell renewal and peppermint hydrates the face to invigorate skin and deliver smoother texture. Specially formulated with wheat protein to soothe skin and target inflamed or irritated areas. The foaming daily wash prevents dryness or oiliness and balances the skin for an even tone.


My wife bought these in a set with the beard oil on here. The Beard Shampoo and Beard Oil you can buy it separately as well at the website. Do you need them? YES! You should invest in a beard shampoo for a couple of reasons. Firstly, a special beard shampoo will be formulated especially for the skin on your face. Also, as beard hairs are thicker than the hair on your head, a specially formulated beard shampoo can really penetrate them and clean them. You only need to use beard conditioner if you have a full beard with a real shape (like our model later in this piece). The hairs at the end of a full beard will be really old and can benefit from conditioning. Again, the hairs are coarser than those on your head, so beard conditioner (which has a dense, tar-like consistency) will be better than regular conditioner.

Growing and maintaining the perfect beard requires preparation, dedication and attention to detail. The key is a ritual of daily grooming and conditioning.Using a superior Beard Oil is an integral part of the process.

Sometimes we forget about how important the skin beneath our beard. The fact is your beard can be pretty disgusting. Hairy areas are breeding grounds for bacteria, especially under your nose where it's moist. The extra hair around your face can also sap essential oils from your skin, causing it to be itchy and flaky. But beards look so awesome, is it worth shaving just because of a bit of dandruff? Hell no! All you need to do is use a bit of oil to make your skin and hair healthy again. Beard oil is essentially a conditioner specifically designed for facial hair, and it will help keep your skin healthy and your beard looking on top form. It can also strengthen your hairs to stop them snapping, can help make your beard grow quicker, which is great if you're trying to out-beard your mates. It hydrates the skin and helps to soften and tame unruly beard hair, which means it also does double-duty as a styling agent. It also makes your beard smell nice, which is a bonus - especially if you want someone to nuzzle into it. This Beard Oil is lightweight, it was  carefully handcrafted over 2 years to create a truly rich, conditioning and nutritive treatment. Mixture of Argan, Jojoba and Apricot Kernel Oils, it gently conditions, strengthens and stimulates your beard. It’s also made in Lincolnshire.


You should aim to trim your beard once a week, and wash it everyday or 3 times a week. Also Don’t forget your moustache! Brush the moustache to the side and use a small pair of scissors to trim. You want to trim the hairs that go straight down on to the lips.

In terms of products, the best thing to do is buy a set (including oil and moisturiser) like I did and figure out the rotation that suits you the best. For example , some people may use beard oil every day, but not moisturiser and it works for them.

Beards are great! And you should always give your beard the care and attention it deserves.

“ A beard is not the mask behind which a man hides but the beacon from which he projects himself.”— BRENDAN MURDOCK


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