"Smith & Cult represents the duality we all inhabit throughout our lives and our individual expressions of beauty, which reflect who we’ve been, are and aspire to become..."

Smith & Cult is a new nail line by Dineh Mohajer, the founder of Hard Candy, and they definitely get my vote for “Most  Creative and Clever Nail Polish Names, Ever” (like Cut the Mullet, Dirty Baby, Bitter Buddhist, and Feed the Rich). The name Smith & Cult is meant to express two sides within us: "Smith" is the good girl, "Cult" is the edgy one. Gorgeous, gold-hammered bottle caps reflect this as one side is smooth and pristine, the other side distinctly dented. The theme extends to a campaign dubbed Diary of a Beauty Junkie. There are 30 shades to start that include bold glitters, neutrals, neons, and everything in between, plus top and base coats. Each of the 30 shades in the line is inspired by different key life moments…“For me, color is at the core,” says Smith & Cult’s co-founder Dineh Mohajer. Inspired by diary entries of an imagined heroine, the brand’s glossy nail polishes range from vampy  ‘Dirty Baby' black to punk-tinged ‘Bridge & Tunnel’ gold – they’re the ultimate fix for beauty addicts.

The three/five/nine free' nail varnishes are becoming increasingly popular, but Smith & Cult take that to a whole new level; the packaging to me is fun, beautiful and the epitome of elegance - while being free from nasties including Dibutyl, Phthalate, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor. 

With most polishes I use (regardless of cost), I do get a full 7 days of free-chip wear. The key is to make sure nails are clean and dry...

*Roll gently between palms before use to warm product
*Apply a base coat and dry completely
*Apply a one light coat from the nail bed to the edge and allow to dry completely.
*Apply a second light coat and allow to dry completely.
*For a chip-free manicure, wear with Smith & Cult's Base Coat and Top Coat

And for £19 a pop, they're a steal at high-end luxury shops like  SpaceNK and Net-a-Porter.

Here are the shades I picked up online last month from SpaceNK. 

"Pillow Pie is a semisheer, powdery pink that is a tribute to my one true love: lazy, useless Sundays. Utterly indulgent, I do this every week. I’m stuck in bed until I have no choice but to get up or die. Pressure to go to brunch, a sample sale, whatever . . . nothing can sway me from my beloved, soft wonder world of blankets, pillows, and magic coziness. "

Smith & Cult's powder-pink 'Pillow Pie' shade is feminine with a dose of modern insouciance. It glides on to a soft, semi-sheer finish and has specially designed brush to allow for easy and precise application.

Smith & Cult Kings & Thieves Nail Polish, £19
"Kings & Thieves is a dark ink blue shade that, when paired with a soft pink lip and rosy cheeks, can transform gloom into ethereal lightness. It's exactly how I imagine Cecilia Lisbon, the bravest of the five sisters in the film (not the book) The Virgin Suicides. I see her in a ghostly photo of a blown-out, sun flared autumn day."

Smith & Cult describes its opaque 'Kings & Thieves' nail polish as a "dark ink blue." It's formulated for a quick-drying, high-gloss finish and though very dark, casts an attractive indigo hue – a feat most near-black shades don't achieve.

Smith & Cult Darl Like Me Polish, £19
"The timeless Dark Like Me aubergine nail shade, a smart white suit (post-Labor Day fashion guidelines are antiquated), deliberately minimal nude-ish makeup and loosely coifed hair makes an odd cocktail of perfection. I picture Bianca Jagger stumbling through a Haruki Murakami novel."

Smith & Cult's 'Dark Like Me' nail polish is a sultry merlot shade perfect for after dark. You control the intensity with the number of coats - two to three leaves you with a fully opaque color.

Have you tried Smith & Cult? If yes, what are your favourites?


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