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Last month, you may recall that I have attended the Stylist Live Event and met my beauty icon, Lisa Eldridge. You can find that post here. Since I moved to the UK 5 years ago and really got serious into Makeup Artistry, there have been a handful of amazing makeup artists that I looked up to who not only inspired me with their talent and immense knowledge but also just by being a true beauty powerhouse.

Lisa Eldridge, world renowned celebrity makeup artist, Youtube sensation (has 1.2 million subscribers), has also developed a makeup range with Japanese cosmetics giant Shiseido and Global creative director of Lancome, is one of these artists that I have so much admiration and respect. When I heard that she was writing a book on history of make-up, I knew it was something not to be missed. Throughout October she was doing talks, book signings and events in London and I was lucky enough  to attend to one of them. It was such an inspiring day for me... But I want to tell you more about the book and now that I've read it, I can confidently say that this is a MUST read for anyone who's interested in makeup, pro and aspiring makeup artists alike.

Lisa Eldridge is a HUGE celebrity makeup artist who not only worked with so many actresses and supermodels but also is renowned for her editorial work in famous fashion magazines. She is THE REAL DEAL! My ultimate dream is that one day, I would be able to assist her in the future! Ahh that would be so amazing! Over the past couple of years, Lisa has also created her successful blog and started her own Youtube channel where she could speak freely, share her knowledge and talent to her millions of fans globally! Her passion however and specialty, is the history of makeup including vintage brands, products, influences and trends... This is exactly what Lisa has covered in her book entitled FACE PAINT: The Story of Makeup.

Like most books on the history of makeup and cosmetics which are written chronologically, this book isn't. Instead each chapter has a theme which is really unique.  The book is structured into two sections. The first section is called "The Ancient Palette" that contains 3 chapters of colours used in history. Along with beautiful artwork and photography, this section covers how makeup is perceived in different cultures and how the 3 colours: red (beauty’s most enduring shade), white (the power and politics of white), black (beauty’s dark mark). It’s an overview of the ancient world to modern day. It’s been edited down from thousands and thousands of pages to approximately 60,000 words in 240 pages. 

The second section is called “The Business of Beauty”. It talks about how and when makeup started to integrate into mainstream media through films and magazines. First chapter is called "Media and Motivation : Creating the Dream” where it discusses the printing press, beauty recipes, Renaissance beauty, Victorian beauty, Holywood makeup. This chapter also discusses Victorian stage makeup and the actresses that wore it, especially how it went from the theater to becoming mainstream and acceptable in society. The next chapter is entitled “History in Your Handbag” charts the story and history behind what we carry in our handbags: mascara, eye palettes, lipstick, powder, foundation and blush. The Origins of the First Brands : global giants on the cosmetic industry was also in this chapter. Next chapter was called “The Bleeding  Edge”, Into the future… It is all about the science of cosmetics, from radioactive makeup in the 1920’s to todays cosmetic technology (silicone, glass pearl technology that gives a mirror-like finish to today’s metallic pigments and etc). Lisa also talks about the future of makeup and where it might be years from now. And finally the last chapter “I Want to Look Like You” discusses on where we are now: tribal makeup in the modern day, why we wear makeup, feminist theories, makeup obsessions, empowerment and creative expression through makeup, etc. Lisa also features makeup muses from all over the world throughout the book and their lasting influence through the years… Ending it with a favourite quote of mine from Miss Piggy -- "BEAUTY IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER AND IT MAY BE NECESSARY FROM TIME TO TIME TO GIVE A STUPID OR MISINFORMED BEHOLDER A BLACK EYE”. haha Just brilliant!

I truly enjoyed reading this book and really love Lisa’s undeniable knowledge and passion. She’s just so inspiring! It's such a perfect read for anyone who loves makeup and beauty. In person Lisa comes across as an incredibly intelligent, passionate, hard-working family-orientated woman who remains humble and grateful to every fan that has supported her over the years. She's so lovely in person and so down to earth. Lisa has done things differently to her peers and made her work about far more than just simple products and that comes across in Face Paint. 

You can get the book here. £18.99

So have you read this makeup book yet?


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