8 hours of sleeps just in two clicks? YES please!

This bad boy is also 5 years in the making, I really think that this mini miracle was made for me as it combines an eye cream and an under eye concealer in one. Eye creams are quite important. That’s why I was so excited to try this out. Like the Magic Foundation, I tested it for a month and it was worth the wait. 

So it has a brush in two ends. CLICK 1) contains a Hydrating and Lifting Eye Cream, and CLICK 2) the Illuminate Under-Eye Light Reflector (concealer). Both are released with a quick twist and click, then applied using their respective brushes. As with all of her products it’s just so quick and easy. You don’t even need to pat anything in with your finger, let alone carry an additional brush.

So here’s how it works…

CLICK 1: Hydrating and Lifting Eye Cream

The eye cream contains a super nourishing blend that includes Shea Butter Extract, Jojoba Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Squalene, Borage Seed Oil, Soybean protein, Sunflower Seed Oil, Rice Bran Protein and Glycerin. It makes the under-eye tighter and smoother using:
= Hyaluronic Acid to boosts moisture-levels in the eye contour
= Bio Extract of Salicornia reduces loss of water and stimulates the production of natural moisturisers in the skin
= Cyclodextrins smooth the eye dome
Rice proteins fight against the signs of ageing and fatigue, reducing the appearance bags under the eyes and inhibiting fat production

APPLICATION : Apply the hydrating and lifting Eye Cream directly from the nib onto the under-eye area and tap the product into the skin very gently. I usually pat it with my fingertips and let it set for a few seconds before putting my Magic foundation. It does slightly tightens when you apply it, really firming the eye area so if you haven’t had enough sleep, this one truly helps. This can be used twice per day.

CLICK 2: Illuminate Under-Eye Light Reflector 

This is a gorgeously creamy concealer with wonderful light reflecting ability. I must say my skin gets on with it quite well.  Sometimes I’m just not too keen with thick concealers as they tend to cake after a few hours and makes you look older instead, but then lighter ones don’t do enough job to cover imperfections or to colour correct. This one though has a perfect balance of the two,
The brightening end uses micro-particles that brighten shadows, conceal discolouration and diffuse the appearance hollows under the eyes:

= Light-reflectors diffuse light from the surface of the skin and illuminate shadows
= Fine-coated Mother-Of-Pearl brings radiance to the skin and colour-corrects
= Polypeptides work to minimise the appearance of dark circles over time
= Silky elastomers cover the surface of the eye bag and smooth over wrinkles

This is just probably one of my favourite concealers as it not only ease the appearance of my fatigued eyes (overtime) really brightening everything up, it keeps it hydrated as well! Who doesn’t love a makeup that takes care of your skin at the same time right?!

Charlotte Tilbury Mini Miracle Wand is available in 5 shades. You can buy it on her website, here.

So have you also tested new concealers as well?


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  1. This looks and sounds amazing. The packaging is beyond gorgeous!
    Charlotte //



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