Halloween is the best time of the year to experiment with makeup; whether that be SFX or your everyday collection. However, you may not feel ready to endeavour in SFX makeup or really gory, “scary” side of Halloween, this look is for you.

When I think of Vampires, few words come to my mind such as dangerous, seductive,pale, bloodthirsty and beautiful.
For today’s tutorial, I tried to keep those elements in mind to achieve a glamorous vampire make-up.

While you may not be actually  dangerous, very pale or bloodthirsty, you can still look like the beautiful undead to go with your costume this year.


For my mood board and inspiration, I was drawn to these lovely photos from one of my fave clothing brand, For Love and Lemons. Somehow, the Countess popped into my head and here is her story. .. She’s a 500 year old Vampire Queen who profits off her own kind to support her lavish Lifestyle. As Queen, she is able to command the strongest vampires to do her bidding in building her empire. She appears to retain the impetuous, self-centred personality that her young woman self might have had. Because of her position in the vampire world, she is accustomed to getting her way. She does not appear to have issues with humans and is being able to find uses for them to entertain herself. She carries herself as if she is very prim and proper although she is not.


I LOVE doing face-charts so very much. Besides mood-boarding (cutting off looks and pictures in magazines) to keep me inspired, making face charts is my favourite past time. It’s just so fun and keeps me focused as well with the look that I want to achieve.


To make sure every product glides on smoothly, I recommend using a make-up primer on a fresh, clean skin. The primer helps with the application of the make-up. It fills in pores and fine lines and reduces any dry skin.

Start by using a cosmetic sponge to apply a creamy foundation thats a few shades lighter than your skin tone . Blend it onto the face, down into the neckline, into the ears, and into the hairline. Resist the urge to go for a pure white, base.  White is a kind of corny colour, and it looks ashy and why. Three shades lighter is plenty dramatic. Set the foundation with a translucent setting powder.

To create a vampire look, you need to make the person look gaunt. Establish shadows and a sunken-in look by using purplish, reddish or brownish shadow to emphasise the natural cavities of your face: at the temples, the ridge of the forehead, under the cheekbones, and at the sides and bridge of the nose. Work with your bone structure. Feel the depressions with your fingers. Do a dramatic contour. Keep the lines pretty sharp and just blend.


Prime your brows as well and using a red liner, create the shape of your eyebrows and set it with a red pigment or eyeshadow. You can also do your eyebrows like you normally do.  I was just using  red to make it more dramatic.


Take a black pencil eyeliner or black cream eyeshadow and put it on the lid of your crease shaped like a half moon. This is just going to be a base for your eyeshadow so don’t worry if it isn’t perfect. Press gently a black eyeshadow with a flat brush. Do the same on your waterline as well. Enhance the crease with a red pigment followed by a more intense red eyeshadow bringing it out to the corner of the eye to enhance the crease even further. Add more red eyeshadow sweeping and blending out the red & black together out up towards the brow bone with a fluffy brush. Take that same red pigment under the eye with a flat brush and then blending it out with a fluffy brush, I’m making sure the top and bottom eye shadow together so they blend up into a triangular shape. 


Use a concealer to highlight the parts of your face (under your eyes, nose line, forehead, chin) blend it with a beauty blender after cleaning up the fall outs with your fluffy brush. Use the blackest black mascara you can find before putting on some faux lashes to look more dramatic. Line the lash line with your favourite black liquid liner. 

Highlight the brow bones and the high points of the cheek with a highlighting powder. To add depth to your cheeks use contouring powders. Add a darker shade  of grey, dragging it to your temples to give you that sunken look effect. Adding more highlight brings the contouring out even more. Put a slight contour as well down on your nose to make it look thinner and makes your features even more sharp. Blend it out to your skin with a contour brush. 
Finish it off with a setting spray if you want to give it some extra staying power. 


For the lips, I'd use 2 shades; A lighter shade on the inner lip and a darker, deeper red shade on the outer lip to give you that ombre kinda lip. But you can always just use any bloody red shade that you already have and just line it with a black eyeliner/lipliner to make it more vampy really.

The look wouldn’t be complete without the vampire fangs, vampire contact lenses, fake blood and some sexy long black nails. 

So there you have it, my Vampire Queen Make-up Tutorial. Hope you like it!


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